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2dxpress, an android based online application service which provides services like booking of vehicle for various transportation purposes such as Shifting, Transporting, exporting-importing goods, etc.

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Challenges & Goals

First comes understanding different types of vehicles to meet the owner's requirements to provide the services and also solve their problem to find rents for transportation.

After this, there arises the situation to meet the customer expectations which includes onboarding a vehicle after verifying the owner quickly and easily.

Also, making it easy for customers to find the right vehicle to meet their needs.

Creating the application to be the best mediator experience between the customers and vehicle owners.

Our Approach

Being straight to approach this application was gathering the information as the app being a delivery application.

Validating the delivery app idea as per the client’s requirements and Fixing it with a proper delivery app model.

Finalizing the major features and the tech stack to a robust app base and preparing a prototype for the same.

After finalizing the prototyping, the UI UX Design And Tech Factors are to be considered, and here we were the right development partner to meet their requirements.

The Solution

After facing problems and to solve these issues we decided to create two separate apps namely the customer-app and driver-partner app.

Therefore, we had to automate the whole flow of the project which included the hiring of vehicles, tracking of vehicles as well as managing the payments.

To build a great and easy User Interface (UI) for customer and driver-partner app and to automate notification settings to the admin regarding customer needs or in case of order cancellation, repetition or make any other changes, etc to enhance the customer experience.


After delivering the app to clients it appeared to be one of the great customer experience products as it resulted to be a fast and quick vehicle on-boarding app along with a proper driver verification feature.

Provided with easy and quick payment gateway and at the same time being a needy application for customers at a large scale in order shift or transport goods at a convenient price with better experience for customers and partner drivers.


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